10 Easiest Car Maintenance Hacks That You Should Know

Whether you have recently bought a car or have had one for a while, the following is a list of a few auto maintenance recommendations that will help your vehicle perform at its finest. 

This article is an excellent example if you need some direction or a checklist of things to keep your automobile in peak condition. So let’s take a look at the best car maintenance hacks that you can follow and keep your car in good condition. 

Easiest Car Maintenance Hacks


Inspect your car on a regular basis

Car Maintenance Hacks

Keeping a check on your vehicle is very important at least once a week. While you’re out for a walk, just take a round around your vehicle and check your automobile for body damage. Inspect your tires for wear, punctures, and cuts, as well as every lock, window, and even the sunroof.


Examine your air filter 

Car Maintenance Tips

It is advised to replace your air filter every 12,000 miles. When your air filters are clogged or don’t fit properly, you might have a variety of difficulties with your automobile. To keep your engine healthy, air filters help filter out dust, pollen, and other impurities. When the air filter is filthy, though, it can restrict airflow into the engine, depriving your vehicle of power and lowering performance and fuel efficiency. 

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Check your tire pressure on a regular basis

Tyre pressure affects fuel economy. It also has an impact on the comfort and handling of the vehicle. The appropriate tire pressure will be listed in your car’s owner’s handbook. In most cases, a tire pressure check should be performed once a week.


Wash the outside of your engine

Cleaning the external engine of your automobile is just as vital as cleaning the inside engine. Even tiny debris in the wrong place might harm your engine if it is not cleaned properly. Some oil may slip into your brake fluid, for example, while you are monitoring it. Brake damage is possible as a result of this. It is advisable to check your brake fluid levels at least once a month.


Keep your headlights safe

Car Maintenance Hacks

When you park on a level surface once a month, check to see if both headlights are operating correctly and are appropriately positioned. Visually examine both turn signals and parking lights by going around your automobile. To ensure that your brake lights are working, ask a buddy to stand behind the car while you activate the brakes.


Examine your battery

One of the most critical components necessary for your automobile to work is the battery. The automobile battery is in charge of supplying a huge quantity of electrical current to the engine and other components in the vehicle. Extreme temperatures have an impact on battery performance, so frequent battery testing will guarantee that the battery will work when you need it to.


Replace your spark plugs if necessary

Car Maintenance Hacks

The efficiency of your car’s engine may be affected by spark plugs. They are in charge of igniting the gas-air combination that eventually drives your car. As a result, when the spark plugs don’t work correctly, the engine loses power and does not perform to its full potential. So have a professional inspect your spark plugs and replace them if they are defective.

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Get your tires balanced and rotated

Tire rotation is essential for maintaining your vehicle’s safety and efficiency. Of course, it gives your car a quicker steering reaction and a better ride. Rotating your tires allows them to balance out their wear and helps them last longer. Check your car’s tire pressure at least once a month, and even more frequently before lengthy travels or while carrying extra weight. The amount of air pressure required for your car’s tires is specified in the owner’s handbook.


Learn the meaning of various warning light signs



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Almost every automobile has complex sensors and warning systems that tell you everything from whether you forgot to replace the gas cap to whether one of your tires is low on air. Learn what the warning lights on your automobile represent and how to fix them. Your owner’s manual can be really useful in this situation. If any light flashes and you can’t figure out what’s wrong straight away, take your car to a trustworthy repair shop right away.


Take off any brake dust from your wheels

The brake dust on your automobile does not affect how well your brakes work, but it does make your wheels seem a little dirty. When you use the brakes, a mixture of components from the braking rotor and brake pad comes into contact, resulting in brake dust. Iron accounts for approximately 92 percent of the dust. Grime, dirt, carbon content, and other particles will make up the remaining 8%. These can create significant stains on your wheels if they are exposed to the sun alongside your wheels. As a result, it’s critical to remove the dust from your wheels using cold water and a moist sponge. 


To sum it up

To keep your car, on which you have spent the majority of your money, in good working order and well-maintained if you want it to survive a long time. As a car owner, it is your responsibility to keep your vehicle safe from harm. In addition, to maintain your vehicle operating and in excellent form, be sure to follow the above-mentioned car maintenance hacks.

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