Car Modification in India | legal vs illegal – Everything You Need to Know

People are more interested in automobile modification since it improves the car’s performance and appearance. However, before you make your decision to modify your automobile, you should consider all of the considerations involved. The reason for this is that not all forms of alteration are permitted in India. In 2019, the Supreme Court issued its guidelines.

The customized cars vary from standard vehicles in that their whole concept is altered. Playing with “structural aspects,” in other words, becomes extremely tough. Making modifications to a car’s engine or chassis is deemed prohibited. As a result, letting your imagination run wild and bringing it to life on your automobile might put you in significant legal trouble.

People like to stand out from the crowd in order to have a fantastic ownership experience. This may need changes, and you may wind up paying more money on the vehicle. Small changes, such as aftermarket alloy wheels or leather seat coverings, do not, however, violate the guidelines. However, there are several unlawful changes to be aware of. So let’s take a look at the car modification in India and what’s legal and what’s not.

Car modification in India | legal vs illegal


Illegal modifications


Tinted Glass

Tinted Glass

One of the most prevalent traffic rules that individuals break is having tinted glass on their cars. This offense is easily detected by traffic cops, who issue penalties. According to the regulations, the rear window must have at least 75 percent visibility, while the side windows must have at least 50 percent vision. So tinting the glass is strictly prohibited and you must not use darker shades. Some car makers are offering tinted glass in the cars, such as Baleno and i20.

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Fancy Horns can be a Menace

Car modification in India

In a car, the sound of the horns should always be restricted. People can sometimes get away with putting loud horns. Horns, such as sirens and pressure horns, are extremely irritating to the ears. Furthermore, putting these horns is a serious legal violation. So get ready to pay hefty fines if you are planning to put loud horns in your car.

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Loud Exhausts are Horrible

Loud Exhaust

The first role of car exhaust is to manage pollutants, while the second is to control sound. Some teenagers like aftermarket exhausts because they are louder. Now, while this may satisfy your ego, it is not preferred by the cops. If you get caught using loud/free flow exhaust, it can lead you to a lot of trouble with a big fine or even jail time.

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Extra Lights

Changing the illumination intensity is completely legal but fitting bigger lights on a car can get you in trouble. Roof-mounted light bars are also illegal.

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Fancy Number Plates

Fitting a number plate other than the permitted ones is illegal. If you get caught violating this rule, get ready to pay the hefty fine.

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Changing the Body Style

widebody car

Normal modification like changing the color or wrapping the car is allowed but changing the car’s original body type is illegal. For example, you can not install spoilers, wide-body kids, or side skirts, and removing the roof is not permittable.

Legal Modifications

Engine and Tire Modification

If a tire or the engine of a car fails to function correctly and requires repair, one might opt to replace it. When it comes to tires, manufacturers may provide varying specifications for different models. These are among the legal modifications that you might think about.

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Color Modification/ Wrapping

car wrapping

If you don’t like the color of your automobile, you have the legal right to alter it. Only one criterion applies: the color must be authorized by the RTO. On the other hand, if you are planning to apply wrap on your car that can be done without getting approval from the RTO. You can apply wrap on the roof without any issue.

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Fuel Change

Fuel change is also legal in India. You can change the fuel type. You can convert your petrol engine fuel to CNG or LPG. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to get it approved by the RTO.

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Light Modifications

When driving in the dark, lights are crucial; LED lights and auxiliary lights are completely safe to modify or replace. The state governments and the central government do not consider this alteration to be unlawful.

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Suspension Upgrade

Suspension Upgrade

If you are not happy with the current ride quality of your car, you can upgrade the suspension to your liking. As long as the ground clearance remains the same there should not be an issue.

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Differently-Abled Modification

Modifying your car to meet the needs of a differently-abled person is completely legal. Mods like wheelchair lifts, hand-operated clutch, brakes, accelerator, and seats are among the things you can get customized.

In Conclusion

It is always preferable to utilize a conventional vehicle. Modification may sound and appear appealing, but it may also lead to problems. Small modifications to an automobile can be gotten away with, but significant modifications should be avoided to avoid legal difficulties. Before making a final choice, consider everything.

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