10 Forgotten Bajaj Bikes and Scooters From the Past

Bajaj Auto Ltd (BAL) is one of India’s most well-known two-wheeler manufacturers. At its peak, the business was also known for producing the Chetak line of geared scooters. Around the turn of the millennium, the firm began a quest to become one of the country’s most popular motorcycle manufacturers. While Pulsar and Discover are among the most well-known bike models, there are many Bajaj products that are forgotten. We examine up to 10 bikes and scooters.

Forgotten Bajaj Bikes and Scooters


1. Bajaj Sunny

Bajaj Sunny

The Bajaj Sunny was a tiny, light, and adorable motorcycle. It had a peak speed of 50 km/h and was powered by a 60cc engine. It was also very frugal, which made it pretty popular among young college-goers.

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2. Bajaj Priya

Bajaj Priya

A 150cc 2-stroke engine paired with a three-speed gearbox drove the Bajaj Priya. From 1975 through 1992, Bajaj Auto Limited in Pune, India, produced it for Maharashtra Scooters. The Priya has a design that is extremely similar to the Bajaj 150.

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3. Bajaj Kristal

Bajaj Kristal

The Kristal was introduced at a time when Bajaj was attempting to get into the rapidly growing automated scooter industry. This lightweight automated scooter, powered by a 94.8cc DTSi engine, provided a superb balance of performance and economy.


4. Bajaj M50

forgotten bajaj bikes and scooters

The Bajaj M50 is the company’s first step-through motorcycle. The M50 was extremely popular in the suburban and rural markets, where its low price, great frugality, and enough toughness won many hearts.

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5. Bajaj M80

The M80 was essentially a more powerful version of the M50, having a 74.08cc heart that outperformed its predecessor. Both the M50 and the M80 had the same appearance.

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6. Bajaj Saffire

forgotten bajaj bikes and scooters

Between 2000 and 2003, the Bajaj Saffire was an automated scooter. It had a 93cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine with a CVT transmission. The scooter had a peak speed of 70 kilometers per hour and was rather attractive.

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7. Bajaj Wave

Bajaj Wave

The Wave was introduced as the Saffire’s replacement. It had a 109.7 cc DTS-i engine with a CVT transmission. It appeared to be a somewhat improved Saffire. The engine had an output of 8 horsepower and was equipped with the company’s EXHAUSTED technology.


8. Bajaj Boxer

bajaj boxer

The CT100’s predecessor is known as the Boxer. The Boxer was a tough, utilitarian motorbike that provided a fair balance of fuel economy and cheap maintenance.

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9. Bajaj Aspire


One of the earliest Bajaj commuter motorcycles to include a front disc brake was the Aspire. The same 111.6cc engine that powered the Caliber also powered the Bajaj Aspire. The powerplant was detuned for the Aspire to produce only 7.6 horsepower.


10. Bajaj Byk


The M100 engine was used in the Bajaj Byk. It was the cheapest motorbike from the Pune-based two-wheeler company, with an ex-showroom price of barely Rs 30,000.

So, here are the forgotten bajaj bikes and scooters. what do you think? let us know in the comment section.

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