Top 5 Symptoms of a Bad Exhaust System You Should Lookout For

In this article, we are listing Top 5 symptoms of a bad exhaust system.

A failed smog inspection is the most typical cause of exhaust system problems. If the exhaust is not adequately filtered, your automobile, truck, or SUV will fail an emissions test. There are five distinct symptoms that your vehicle’s exhaust system isn’t functioning properly. Here’s what to keep an eye out for. Bring your car to Advanced Automotive if you observe any of these indicators so we can inspect it and fix it.

Symptoms of a Bad Exhaust System


Acceleration Noises

When you accelerate, your car will rev, but it should not create any loud or rattling noises. If it happens, you most likely have a muffler leak. An exhaust pipe might possibly be leaking. Engine or gearbox problems can also produce loud or rattling acceleration, but in most situations, you’ll know it’s your muffler since your car will sound like that noisy souped-up car your neighbor’s child races in.

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Illuminated Check Engine Light

Symptoms of a Bad Exhaust System

Your check engine light is another indicator of an exhaust system issue. If your catalytic converter, mass airflow sensor, or oxygen sensor fails, this light will illuminate. If the air/fuel combination in the engine and exhaust isn’t quite perfect, the light will turn on.

Power Loss or Strange Vibrations

You’re traveling along when your car, truck, or SUV suddenly loses power. Your vehicle is shaking as you drive along. Both of these symptoms might indicate exhaustion. Your exhaust system really aids in the powering of your vehicle, and if it leaks, the engine loses valuable suction and, as a result, power. Your car rattles as a result of the power loss, which may be slight.

You Smell Exhaust

Symptoms of a Bad Exhaust System

You’re familiar with the scent of exhaust fumes, and you shouldn’t smell them coming from your automobile when driving. You may also detect the odor of rotten eggs or sulfur, which indicates that your catalytic converter is failing. If you smell exhausted inside your car, you have a leak somewhere, and it’s critical that you have it corrected. Carbon monoxide is present in the unfiltered exhaust, and you know what it can do to you.

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A Decrease in Fuel Efficiency

Symptoms of a Bad Exhaust System

Finally, a drop in your vehicle’s gas mileage can be caused by a variety of factors, one of which is the exhaust system. If your exhaust system isn’t working properly, your engine will have to work harder. When your engine is struggling, it consumes more petrol to keep running. Have your car evaluated for exhaust system issues if you have a decent notion of how often you need to fill your tank and this is growing.

So here you have it, symptoms of a bad exhaust system. Comment down below your thoughts!

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