CVT vs DCT. Your 10 Min Guide to Choosing the Right Car


If you are looking for an automatic transmission car, CVT vs DCT comes to mind. Since manual transmissions are gradually becoming obsolete, questions regarding the various automatic gearbox types are becoming more pertinent. First and foremost, most of us are familiar with the fully automatic transmission. For many years, the only options on the showroom … Read more

Hyundai Sonata History and Legacy In India. A Journey of 20 years

Hyundai Sonata History

Since 1985, Hyundai has been producing the Hyundai Sonata, a mid-sized automobile. The first generation Sonata was a facelifted Hyundai Stellar with an engine improvement that was debuted in 1985 and pulled from the market two years later due to poor customer response. While the first generation of the nameplate was solely offered in South … Read more

10 Forgotten Hyundai Cars in India

Forgotten Hyundai Cars

Maruti Suzuki used to have a stranglehold on the Indian market because there was no competition at the time. The year 1996 followed. And there emerged a competitor in the field for India’s largest automaker. Hyundai Motors of South Korea was the manufacturer. Since then, the firm has produced both high-end and low-cost vehicles. However, … Read more